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Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Dedicated to Your Case

Pedestrians have very little to protect them when they get hit by a vehicle, making the injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents often severe. Victims can suffer from broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injury, concussions, loss of mobility and even death in some cases. Choosing an experienced and dedicated Pedestrian accident attorney dedicated to your case to handle your case can increase your chances of recovering the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages due to missed workdays and other financial setbacks.

All personal injury claims hinge on proving that another party failed in their duties to the victim. In most pedestrian accidents, a driver was negligent because they failed to watch out for the safety of others. But there are also times when a municipality, property owner or government agency is at fault. For instance, poor maintenance of sidewalks or parking lots may lead to a pedestrian accident. In this case, the injured person might file a lawsuit against the property owner or government agency.

There are many things to consider when hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer. One of the most important is the attorney’s experience and track record handling similar cases. It is also helpful to know if they have any special expertise in pedestrian accident cases, such as access to accident reconstruction experts or medical professionals.

It is also essential to select an attorney with whom you feel a good personal rapport. This will make the legal process less stressful and more comfortable for you. Moreover, if you are confident that your chosen attorney can help you obtain maximum compensation, it will be easier to stand firm against any attempts by the insurance companies to reduce or deny the value of your claim.

A good pedestrian accident attorney will work tirelessly to gather crucial evidence for winning compensation claims from negligent parties and insurance companies. The evidence they use to build strong cases include CCTV footage, eyewitness testimonies and police reports. They also know how to calculate and assess the total amount of compensation that a victim is entitled to.

Depending on the severity of a victim’s injuries, they can be awarded compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to easily quantifiable losses, such as medical bills and the cost of future treatments. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional trauma and disfigurement. Moreover, if a pedestrian’s injuries resulted in a permanent disability or changed their relationship with their spouse, they can seek compensation for the loss of consortium.

Considering all the variables, it is essential to hire an experienced and dedicated pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. By analyzing the different options available, you can choose the best New York City pedestrian accident attorney to handle your case. The process of obtaining compensation for your losses can be complicated and lengthy, but the right attorney can help you navigate it successfully. For more information about how an attorney can help you, contact Finz & Finz, P.C.