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Boost Your Practice With a Westchester Per Diem Attorney

Navigating the legal terrain in Westchester County demands a deep understanding of local nuances and procedures. With a Westchester Per Diem Attorney by your side, you can confidently handle court appearances, depositions, IME’s and more with precision.

Boost Your Practice With On-Demand Legal Assistance

When your law firm is understaffed or facing scheduling conflicts, a Westchester Per Diem Attorney is there to fill in the gaps with timely, efficient and cost-effective legal support. Our team of dedicated and experienced freelance attorneys can handle in-person or virtual appearances, depositions, trials, medical record summaries and legal research. They are also available to assist with other legal tasks that require specialized expertise and insight, such as case analysis, statutory interpretation and legal research.


From Supreme Court to Landlord Tenant and Small Claims Court, criminal appearances to 50-H hearings, and even appeals, a Westchester Per Diem Attorney can cover any and all of your upcoming court appearances in both New York State and Federal courts. With a strong command of local rules and a powerful courtroom presence, our lawyers will ensure that all of your cases are effectively handled.


A key component of constructing a robust case, Westchester Per Diem Attorneys are well-versed in conducting and defending all types of depositions. Whether it is witness questioning, expert examinations or preparing exhibits, they collaborate closely with you to ensure that each deposition is conducted with savvy strategies and impactful results.

IME’s & Other Medical Examinations

Conducting a thorough independent medical examination requires extensive experience and knowledge of relevant regulations. With a wealth of IME experience, our team of Westchester Per Diem Attorneys are prepared to handle each step of the process, ensuring that your clients receive top-notch representation.

Legal Research

Effective legal arguments rest on insightful and thorough research. From navigating legal databases to uncovering critical precedents and statutes, our Westchester Per Diem Attorneys excel at conducting legal research and positioning your cases for success.